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“…They allow blind kids in. I know they can t fix being blind but they let them carry pointy sticks all day! What if that hit my kid?! No one at the school takes real danger into account! They don’t even make them prove they are really blind!…”

Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].

On Thursday afternoon we received a response from the office of Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (r) complying with our December 9th RSMo § 610 “Missouri Sunshine Law” request for the contents of the illegalmandates@ago.mo.gov email address set up by the Attorney General to solicit complaints about mask wearing in Missouri public schools.


Subject: Lee’s Summit R-7 School District

LSR7 does not believe this mandate applies to them. Please help us!!

Wait, what?

Subject: Public School Breaking Rules

I would like to report local schools for not allowing children to attend when they are healthy. They let kids with outrageous behavior issues be in class. How is a child with a runny nose a threat?
All kids are going to get colds it just isn’t possible to avoid.
Then they want a drs. not for them after they display symptoms! If this virus is so bad why would I take my healthy kid to a place crawling with infected snowflakes. I’m not going to force my child to take a fake test with fake results purely to prove that they are good enough to sit in a school more concerned with learning than with having freedom!
If I give my kid allergy eyedrops, cough drops to help an itchy throat, lower temp with Tylenol and give them tissues to take with them the should be allowed in the class!
Let them be kids. Enjoy hugging friends again! Sharing snacks should not be against the law. How will kids ever find a way to be nice decent adults if they aren’t allowed to share or interact with friends?!
They allow blind kids in. I know they can t fix being blind but they let them carry pointy sticks all day! What if that hit my kid?! No one at the school takes real danger into account! They don’t even make them prove they are really blind! Somehow other kids are forced to prove they are germ free at all times?!

We’re not making this up. The author is either a brilliant satirist or the dumbest human being on the planet.

Subject: Rockwood Summit High School

Received a call today from the school nurse telling me that my 12th grader has been exposed to a positive child at lunch. Asking for her vaccine status so they can decide how to impose her quarantine measures. We asked for proof that she was in contact with this person for more than 15 mins at close range via the security cameras. They denied that. They still have not reached out to my student about this, only me via a call.

So, the problem is that you were…notified? Help us all out here.

Subject: Mandates

Hello, just want to let you know that Missouri has some great teachers, administrators, and school personnel. You should be advocating for higher pay for these individuals.

Not from Eric Schmitt (r).

Subject: NOC SCHOOL STILL DOING MASKS UNTIL BREAK/smut or queer books in their library

I spoke to the school and discussed the court case, etc. I hope that you are able to force this school who has questionable books (2) that parents can opt out of (most parents not familiar with school board meetings) by contacting the school. [….] wasn’t familiar with what the two books were (I enquired about the books that show the same sex having sex in cartoons), but stated the school board meeting is on the website that references the books. How is this not pornography?! How good are you Eric?! So far I’m impressed.

Not exactly sure where this one is going.

Subject: Kansas City Private Schools!

Hello, Mr. Schmitt,

Thank you so much for fighting for our kids and these mask mandates. I am writing concerning two private schools in Kansas City. While I realize these are private institutions, I am hoping for some assistance. I’ve also researched and noted that both educational institutions have received Covid funding.

1. Our daughter attends Notre Dame de Sion High School. The following protocols are still in place:
A. Masks: Their masking protocol is the vaccinated are mask-optional (with proof of vax), while the unvaccinated are still required to wear a mask.
B. If exposed to a positive case, unvaccinated individually will quarantine, as per Sion protocols. Vaccinated individuals will be asked to mask for 14 days after exposure.
Meanwhile, many private schools within Jackson County are mask-free: Rockurst High School, St. Teresa’s High School, Summit Christian Academy, and St. Michael’s Academy. There is little or no transparency about who is actually part of Sion’s ‘Covid Committee.’ It is my understanding there are not any tuition-paying parents on this board. When asked to attend these meetings and express concern, parents have been turned away.

2. Our son attends Avila University. The last update is from November 2021, as stated on their school website. “Masks are still required for everyone inside a campus building regardless of vaccination status If you are not vaccinated, we strongly encourage you to get vaccinated and continue wearing a mask inside campus buildings.”
Our son has been belittled by professors for not wearing his mask properly. Another professor told him he needed a ‘CDC approved mask’ in front of the entire class. By law, these students are considered ‘adults’ but being treated like children by faculty. As an adult, he would like the freedom to breathe air, communicate with classroom peers and participate in collegiate athletics (weight room, specifically) without having to wear a mask. The administration is failing to realize these college students are together off-campus mask-less. (For instance, the athletes work parking at the home Chiefs games and are not required to wear a mask while being together all day.)

Thank you so much for fighting for freedom for our kids. We are extremely grateful for you and your efforts in blocking this tyranny. Keep up the good work!

It’s a mask, not a gag ball.

Wow, just wow. Having somewhat respectable writing skills and yet, still, going through life as a stone cold idiot must be an immense burden.

Subject: Proud Parent Concerns

Dear Atty Gen Ofc:

Parent of a child in St, Louis County Afton School District. I am concerned that the Attorney General of Missouri has decided to deputize parents to whine about masks in schools. If the republicans are looking for smaller government intervention, then we need to allow the districts to make their own voted board decisions on the topic and most of them have already voted to have mask mandates and protocols in the safety of the community of children, staff and teachers as a matter of fact… The court in this case, did not prohibit elected school boards, county commissions, or city councils from enacting rules to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

STOP PROSECUTING MASKS. They are masks. As a representative of the public ineterst, I implore you to review if this push is in response to public safety or personal liberty. Because if it is personal liberty, you are in the wrong, public safety should always come first. Pit our children first for once.

Proud parent [….]


Subject: Mask mandate


My high school son struggled mightily with online learning last year; his grades tanked, all his goals for the school year dashed, and he became very depressed and isolated.
The assurance that our district mandates masksin our schools made it possible for him to return to school and meet all of his goals while feeling safer in the classroom. Masks mitigate the risk for students, parents, siblings and grandmothers and students are far safer than without.
This is not a political issue, a right or left issue. Masks demonstrate that we care for ourselves and others and that our decisions make an impact on other people’s lives. Please stop feeding the false narrative about masks, it is a waste time and tax dollars.


Subject: I support mask requirements

I am a txpayer whose children have always attended Missouri public schools. I believe in science and in the studies (including one published by the state of Missouri) that show that mask requirements save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your efforts to undercut decisions by school districts to protect their students, teavhers and staff are ill-advised and dangerous.

Thank you.

Please see attached, the Park Hill School District is ignoring the new law. PLEASE DO SOMETHING. They are even having the Sheriff at Union Chapel Elementary School stop children and parents from accessing the school. The principal is out of control and breaking the law. He must be stopped. His name [….] Principal, his contact information [….]

“…they fought the law and the law won…”

Subject: mask mandates

As a citizen of Missouri, I am ashamed of what you are doing to our community and students, risking the health of many people by disregarding medical doctors. Masks are in place to protect people from Covid like me who are immune compromised. It has been proven, even by studies in Missouri that you and the Governor decided to ignore, to slow the spread of Covid. Our students need to protect themselves and their families from Covid. If someone doesn’t want to wear a mask, then homeschool like others were forced to do last.

Please stop trying to force your misguided agenda on the State of Missouri and the citizens who actually care about other people, not just themselves. Let the school districts decided what is best for their students. Consider the health and safety of the people you are supposed to represent instead of the people who get their information from Facebook.


They’re not getting their information from Facebook.

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.

Subject: Illegal Mandates
Park Hill School District and Kansas City School District are still mandating masks.


Subject: Ehehrhidhsbxhfidpwkdnfbej


That makes about as much sense as anything else.

Subject: Mask mandates still being enforced

The Independence missouri school district is still forcing our elementary children to wear masks. Middle and high schoolers have been lifted from what I understand. Supposedly 5th grade and younger will be lifted after jan 1st. It should be NOW. Our little ones need to breathe fresh air too.

Also, thank you AG Eric schmitt and others for standing up for our rights and for our children. We have put up with it way too long. We appreciate it from the bottoms of our heart. Thank you.

Well, alrighty then.

[….]Subject: School Still mandating masks!!

Hopefully the subject line got this email opened:

Schmitt is such a slimy garage piece of shit. The fact that he is willing to keep is anti mask boner up for a measly $360k for the Koch bro who hasn’t stroked out yet while being willing to risk the health and safety of Missouri’s children, their families and their teachers says all anyone needs to know about his character. This is all desperate attempt to not get his ass totally smoked in a senate race where he will be beaten badly by an equally disgraceful shitbag accused of sexual assault. Way to go Missouri Republicans, you are the epitome of sellout spineless wanks that only have their best interests in mind. Im happily able to use these examples for my ywo sons in how NOT to grow up and be a complete shit stain on society.

Subject: Mask mandate

Hello Mr. Schmitt,

I am a concerned parent of a pre-K and a third grader. Teachers at my kids’ schools seem to have a very low morale and keep being asked to do more and more to educate our kids and make up for lost learning during the pandemic. I definitely think we should keep mask mandates in place, maybe make a vaccine mandate, and give teachers more money. Hospitals are overflowing, we don’t need kids sharing covid and flu at school and the giving it to grandparents!

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to voting for literally anyone running against you in the future,

Subject: Cease and desist

Please stop asking people to film our children. That’s messed up.

Subject: Complaint

I’d like to file a complaint about a neo-fascist masquerading as Missouri’s attorney general. The responsible adult who should be serving as our AG seems to have been locked away by a man child whose sole focus seems to be grandstanding for election purposes.

I’m hoping this complaint will trigger a search for the grown up AG.

Currently, a clown.

Subject: Masks

I want to report a white male who is threatening the health of my grandchildren in the Lindbergh School District by asking that they not wear masks in school. He is also threatening MY health because, if they get covid, they could pass it on to me and I am in the vulnerable sector of the population.

Subject: ozark mo mandates

my name is [….] I have 2 children in the Ozark school district in christian county. They currently have a mandate that a child is to wear a mask on the bus to and from school. My children have been negatively affected from this especially since they have disabilities that prevent them from understanding what is being said to them due to facial cues and expressions. They have been disciplined for not having their nose covered at all times. Other kids would snap their mask on their face and many other issues from wearing these masks. The school also excludes a child that has no symptoms but was within the 6ft of a positive child.

Thank you for helping parents know what’s best for their child!


The positivity rate in Christian County, Missouri is currently 20.9% with an infection rate of 427 per 100,000, via Missouri DHSS:

Subject: Masks

I am very disturbed by what your office is doing. Asking parents to report their schools so you can harass them is over the top. I have 2 kids in elementary school and last night saw screenshots of a parent from our school harassing our principal over masks a purposely sending their kid withouta mask just to create problems. I feel so bad for the principal, he’s got plenty of other things to worry about. Just today while walking my kids to school I asked a teacher why there was no crossing guard helping the kids this morning, they said because 10 staff members were out so the teacher that usually helps direct traffic/serve as crossing guard had to help somewhere else. There are other issues going on in schools that need attention. An administrator dealing with staff shortages does not need this state sanctioned harassment. We should be supporting our educators. Enough with the political posturing.

Subject: Parkway and Rockwood School Districts in STL

These districts still have illegal mask mandates in place with no plans of changing course. Please sue or arrest those school board members. An example needs to be made.

“….Die Straße frei den braunen Bataillonen.
Die Straße frei dem Sturmabteilungsmann!
Es schau’n aufs Hakenkreuz voll Hoffnung schon Millionen.
Der Tag für Freiheit und für Brot bricht an!….”

Subject: Masks.

Eric you are gonna get smoked in that primary.

Subject: Masks

Attorney General Schmitt, we are tired of you wasting the state of Missouri’s money & resources on ridiculous, pandering lawsuits. Masks have helped our children & families weather the global pandemic, and our elected school officials can & should continue to keep their health & safety as their top priority. I wish you would do the same.

I hope you get epidemiology books for Christmas.

Make it the foldout picture edition with finger puppets.

Subject: Mark Twain Elementary School/Brentwood, Mo

My daughter is now a 3rd grader at Mark Twain. The mask mandate has taken a Huge toll on her since it’s inception. They even discipline children for not having the mask over their noses when they complain that they can’t breath. This has gotten completely out of control.
Please Help our Children.

$10.00 will get you $20.00 the kid writes better than their parent.

Mark Twain. The irony.

Subject: School Mask Mandates

Hello Mr. Eric Schmitt,

Thank you for protecting our children in schools and allowing the parents to make decisions about whether or not we wish to have our children wear masks to school (or anywhere for that matter).

We have 2 children in schools that are forcing the mask mandates;
St. Catherine Laboure in Sunset Hills, Missouri
Cor Jesu Academy in St. Louis, Missouri

Thank you again for going to bat for the State of Missouri, our families and businesses. It’s along and tough battle and we appreciate you!


It’s so cute that they seem to sincerely believe the Attorney General of Missouri is going to go after parochial schools for anything.

Subject: Masks

Quit using children as political chess pieces
Mask work and you know they do but you want to please derp furher so bigly

Just a bunch of Qlowns

Subject: Mask

My daughter went to school not wearing a mask then on the last block of school she was told to put her mask on and refused so they sent her home for the day.

Subject: Fox HS masks

Mr. Eric Schmitt,
Fox HS in Arnold, MO is refusing to drop the mask mandate until positive numbers go down. They state they will review this next Thursday, until then our children are required to wear masks. Can anything be done about this? Thanks for your time and all your efforts!!!


“…refusing to drop the mask mandate until positive numbers go down…”

That’s how it’s supposed to work during an epidemic, Einstein.


Less summit schools completely IGNORING ruling, they believe the school board can do whatever they deem appropriate.


Evidently one of their star alumni.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s (r) anti-mask public school complaint email address: illegalmandates@ago.mo.gov

There are over 8000 pages. This disheartening display of arrogance, self righteousness, willful ignorance, stupidity, entitlement, narcissism, insanity, and sarcasm is breathtaking in its volume.

If Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (r) was really interested in the COVID-19 mitigation policies of Missouri schools and school districts all he needed to do was to check their online sites or have someone pick up a phone and call them.

But, instead, he instituted a snitch e-mail. For what purpose? Evidentally to fracture the community ties to their local schools and teaching professionals.


A simple request (December 9, 2021)

We get a response (December 14, 2021)

We’re still waiting… (December 31, 2021)

There’s much more to follow (January 6, 2022)

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