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“…You are are a heartless politician with a dark soul…”

“…How many people are you willing to sacrifice for the power that comes with higher office?…”

Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].

On Thursday afternoon we received a response from the office of Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (r) complying with our December 9th RSMo § 610 “Missouri Sunshine Law” request for the contents of the illegalmandates@ago.mo.gov email address set up by the Attorney General to solicit complaints about mask wearing in Missouri public schools.


Subject: stay in your lane

How dare you?

We want to hear from public HEALTH officials on actual EVIDENCE Based recommendations. Not your posturing and power grab to show how many more people can be killed or injured from COVID. Why don’t you refer to that study on if masks work or not and actually pay attention to what the data says on how to keep children healthy instead of listening to the louder complainers. Why don’t you compile the level of education and in what field people that are pro-mask compared to antimask??

Why is it so unreasonable to protect children? I understand not wanting them to be in a mask forever but at least yet the youngest kids get vaccinated! You are putting the youngest kids at risk by pulling these mandates before they have a chance to protect themselves.

There have been over 2 million cases of COVID in 5-11 year olds with that number disproportionally rising. >8300 hospitalizations in the US in ages 5-11 and 1/3 of them required ICU care. What do you say to those parents? Please do what you can to prevent any more children from being hospitalized unneccesarily and continue masking until the vaccine is available for everyone.


Facts matter. Expertise matters.

Subject: Pattonville School District

Dera AG Schmitt,
I am writing to you on behalf of a teacher at Drummond Elementary in the Pattonville School District in north St Louis County who says masks are still being strictly enforced. She is ready for her students to take of their masks (plus herself!), so that she can see their faces and begin the journey of getting back to a normal classroom. She cares so much about them! I am writing for her, so she can protect her job.

Thank you for all that you are doing to save the children of Missouri!!


That’s a lot to unpack. Doublespeak obviously requires two exclamation marks.

Asking for a friend? And, finally, someone who appears to understand that a public record is public.

Subject: Unconstitutional masking

Good morning – We have children that attend Springfield Public Schools. This morning we witnessed teachers mandating masks as children enetered each of the three schools they attend. Eugene Field Elementary School, Pershing Middle School, and Pipkin Middle School. As students attempted to enter the school without masks, teachers blocked access and handed out masks to those students. Thank you for your diligent efforts to help parents retake control of their children’s health. safety, and education. [….]

Helen Gahagan Douglas was found to have voted with Vito Marcantonio. So, there’s that.

Subject: Mask mandates

Please stop threatening school districts with a case that doesn’t even support what you claim it supports.

The case referenced does not support your claim that school districts/officials cannot enforce mask mandates or quarantines.

In fact, school boards are elected and thus can do what is, in their opinion, the right thing for our kids, whether or not you agress.

Please keep your political grandstanding for the sake of your Senate campaign out of the discussion whenscience backs up the facts that masks help slow the spread of COVID-19.


Subject: Masks in schools

Please tell all the private schools to let our children unmask too!!! These schools are scared that they will get in trouble if they let our children go unmasked!

Private schools are not immune (pun intended). Yes, they are scared – of the catastrophic results.

Subject: Parkway

Dear MO State Leaders:

I want to report that my school district, Parkway, is amazing. The kids continue to wear masks to protect themselves AND their classmates. They are acting more mature and more thoughtful than the ‘leaders’ of Missouri in protecting their classmates with weakened immune systems.

Are you honestly so bored, so actual out of problems in this state taht you are resorting to policing children’s choice of clothing? Good grief. Stop throwing a temper tantrum and use your time, and our tax dollars, for something that actually matters. If you nedd ideas I might suggest:

decriminalizing marijuana use, and getting low level offenders out of jail

keeping women’s healthcare legal and safe in this state.

ending gerrymandering in this state so everyone has a voice

I’m sure I can come up with more with a little more time. Stop wsting my tax money on petty things. Do your job and lead toward a just state. Stop trying to drag us back to the ‘good old days’ where white men were all that mattered.

Oops, that went well.

The blimp [2014 file photo].

Pre 1973 2021 medical instruments.

Subject: Mandates on masks

You want tips on schools mandating masks? Here’s one for you:
Masks will not only cut down on spreading COVID, it will cur down spreading colds, the flue, and pneumonia, all of which take lives. And all of which is proven. Have you no concern for the health and well-being of children, Eric Schmitt? You are are a heartless politician with a dark soul. You only care about your own personal political gains. I am embarrassed and sickened you, Hawley, Wagner, Blunt and Parson are part of Missouri government. Absolutely disgusting.

Proud not to be a Trump loving human being.
Please excuse any misspelling or poor grammar, which I’ll conveniently blame on my phone’s keypad and its selection of words.

Vicky Hartzler (r): “Hey, what am I, chopped liver?”

Subject: Visitation Academy Masks


I would like to bring it to your attention that Visitation Academy is illegally forcing their students to wear masks. This is being lead by [….] (Head of School). Furthermore, [….] is encouraging teachers to hand out punishments when masks fall below their nose, such as demerits and docking points in class. We would appreciate a letter or call to [….] notifying him of his illegal practice.

Thank you.
Concerned Visitation Parent.

Oh, the humanity!

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Parochial schools aren’t immune from this madness. Do you think these schools want Eric Schmitt (r) to interfere in their operations? Just asking.

And finally, go ahead, keep waving a red cape in front of the Head of School.

Subject: Masks are working

Stop with your attempts to undermine safety. Your office is actually working to injure people

Subject: Masks

Are people so uneducated that they are ignoring public health and scientific data. What constitutional right is violated if people are mandated to wear a mask. I do not understand this. The government mandates a lot of things – taxes, seatbelts, helmets, school vaccines for many diseases, etc. we have a pandemic that is killing too many people every day and masks have been shown to decrease the spread of this virus. Government needs to get out of making critical health decisions. That should be left to those with scientific and medical expertise. Go into a hospital and look at what medical staff are dealing with everyday! Too much senseless suffering that can be easily controlled with masks and vaccines. A mask does not prevent me from doing anything. Masks do not affect breathing. If you think masks are not necessary, then when you have a medical procedure or surgery be sure to tell your physician he/she does not need to gown or mask up. Take your chances on getting a life threatening infection. I tend to lean toward voting Republican policy but people like Eric Schmidt would never get my vote. Does he not believe in protecting his family? He should but obviously does not.
And now we are going to asking people to ‘tattle’ on each other.
How can government dictate rules at schools and business. You do not make other conduct rules for them. Let the science experts do their job so we can curtail this pandemic. Go back and do whatever it is you are supposed to do!

“…Are people so uneducated that they are ignoring public health and scientific data…” Yes. This has been another edition of short answers to simple questions.

Subject: Raytown c2

Hello again my name is [….]
I contacted you yesterday about Raytown C2 school district and their choice to not obey the judges orders. I mentioned my son’s wrestling coach calling and saying that he was around somebody that popped positive. Well I got a call today from one of the activities coordinators that tried to tell me my son is to quarantine which is absolutely not going to happen. My son’s education and his extracurricular activities are far more important than someone else’s flu or their fear.
My son is healthy, our family already had this and we have natural immunity.
This will affect my son’s wrestling career as well because he’s got upcoming meets that are now insinuationg he must miss because somebody else’s irresponsible parent sent them to school sick. Do not think it’s fair that the children that are healthy have to miss out.
I am not sure what i’m supposed to do other than tell him not to leave school and I’m not sure what will happen at this point.
I’m begging you to send the cease-and-desist letter to Raytowm’s superintendent who thinks that the judges order was up for perception.
Thank you for your time again.

“…My son’s education and his extracurricular activities are far more important than someone else’s flu or their fear…”


Subject: Mask mandate

I’m still disapointed to see that people have taken such an issue with the most basic form of protection from covid. I guess people enjoy being in a prolonged pandemic, where friend and loved ones are still getting sick and dying. But sure, something something something my rights something something freedom.

I get that this email probably won’t be taken seriously, but any time that was wasted in reading this was worth it.

Clear-headed citizen

We’re read by dozens, so you’re still okay.

Subject: Mask mandates

Dear MO State Leaders:

I just wanted to let you know that my schoold district is sane, calm and peaceful. The kids wear masks to protect theselves and others, and no one throws a todler tantrum or whines like a baby. They are adulting better than many of our elected officials, and I’m proud of them! Because of the mask mandate, I’m able to send my son to school and not worry about him, and there have been minimal outbreaks of COVID in the district, unlike in non mask wearing schools. I am so grateful that my school is keeping my son safe, so that he might hopefully live to vote against you won day.

Please do something useful with your elected office, such as overturning wrongful convictions, releasing people from prison who are there on petty drug charges, or actually doing ANYTHING to help make Missouri a better place!

What a motivation [….]! Thanks for asking for comments.


Subject: Mask Mandates for Schools

Hello, could you please let me know if this applies to Saint Charles County Catholic Schools also? Thank you.

Subject: Stop the political theater

The majority of parents disagree with you. I am one of them. It is appalling that you are directing adults to take pictures of other peoples children and send them to you.Regardless if there is a mask mandate, my three vaccinated children will be wearing masks at school because we care about other human beings, unlike you. There are many children in our district who are immune compromised. Just because you’ve decided to play to this ridiculous anti-scince anti-caring about others campaign, does not mean the majority of Missourians agree with you.

Good luck scraping the bottom of the barrel. I wish you would put all this time, energy and money into things that would actually help our school districts, like not being 49th in education funding.

Have the day you deserve!

“…like not being 49th in education funding…” They consider that a feature, not a bug.

Subject: Mask Mandate at Visitation Academy

I am writing this email to inform the state of Missouri that my daughter’s school Visitation Academy located at 3020 N Ballas Rd. St. Louis MO 6313 [….] continue to require their students to wear masks their entire school day. They also enforce ‘proper mask wearing’ with demerits. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Holy cow, people are really upset about those demerits.

Subject: Masks work

I am shocked that this is what you are using out tax dollars to do. Keeping our children safe is the most important responsibility you hold, it is dispicable that you are using the health of our children for your political gains. Masks work, please go use your time more judiciously in actually bettering our lives.

Concerned mother and physician

Subject: Mandates keep us healthy

This is quite possibly the stupidest idea I have ever heard during a pandemic. No wonder MO is seen as such a backwards state. Science anyone !!??

Subject: Question regarding quarantine rules

My children attend the fort zumwalt school district and they are still requiring the daily check before school that includes every symptom like runny nose, cough, etc. If they have any of those symptoms we’re not supposed to send them to school. Is that practice included in the ‘quarantine’ that is supposed to be rescinded? My daughter has mised 4 days of school now because she does have a cough. No fever, and she feels fine otherwise and would prefer to go back. Please advise.

Thank you,

This is why we can’t have nice things. Monty Python’s Black Knight “…’tis but a scratch…” comes to mind.

Subject: Truman State University

Mr Schmitt and Team,

I have not been able to find a sure answer about whether state funded universities are included in what you and your team are doing, but we have had a mask mandate since the beginning of Fall 2020, and it will not be re-evaluated until Jan 28. It has been re-evaluated twice this year. Briefly it was lifted in late June and early July, but it was immediately reinstated upon the students return to campus. In my opinion they have no intention of removing it, but are grandstanding to show that they are considering it. We have only 10 students in isolation currently, and that does not even positive for covid, and have had a total of 590 students in isolation in isolation since July 2020. For a school with nearly 4500 undergarduate students, these numbers by no means mean a mask date should be in effect. Our administration has been very strict on this order, including forcing myself and other football players to wear a mask while working out in our weight room. I look forward to hearing whether the Cole County decision nullifies their order.

Thank you and keep up the great work,

Epidemiology is hard.

Subject: Hazelwood and Ferguson Florrisant are breaking the law


Thank you! Thank you for addressing this and having courage to represent our constitution.

I am a speech teacher working in Hazelwood school District. They are quarantining, masking, and have plastic dividers all over the desks and tables.

As far as teacher go- they told us we all have to be vaccinated or get tested every week starting this week-or we cannot step on the premises next week.

I worked in Ferguson Florrisant for 10 years prior. Last week they told the teachers that everyone has to be tested weekly vaxed or not. This week they said no one had to be tested until after break.

They (Ferg Flor) out out a robo call last night in RESPONSE TO YOUR LETTER TO THEM/PUBLIC that regardless of your letter they are pushing forward with all mitigation’s.

I have not heard anything I’m Hazelwood yet-but a handful of us are not testing or getting the shot. I am in search of a lawyer that understands what’s happening in case we should need one.

Thank you,

Josh Hawley (r) claims to be a constitutional scholar. He can probably be found in Virginia.

Subject: violation

BEFORE OUR CHILDREN CAN EVEN GET THEIR SECOND SHOT, I am so angry our AG is bullying CPS,demanding they drop the common sense, science-based mask mandate. He’s putting my child, my family and my community at an uneccesary, politically motivated risk. Lives are at stake. Isn’t he supposed to be ‘pro-life?’

I would be slightly less incensed if he would back off until after the Christmas break, when my child will be fully vaccinated. This is going to cost lives and lost school days.

Still, wear a mask. Protect others.

Subject: As a Physician and Parent I SUUPORT Mask Mandates

Attorney General Schmitt,
I’m writing in SUPPORT of Mask Mandates to keep our children safe as a private citizen, parent, and physician. The data are clear. Masks are effective in reducing risk of contracting COVID-19. The harms are minimal and there are no credible data showing widespread harm from wearing masks. There is harm from children staying home and quarantining, which can be prevented by mitigating disease spread, though masks.
Personal liberties do not and should not come at the expense of others’ safety. Refusing to wear a mask and spreading a contagious disease to others puts others at risk and is inconsistent with the values of this state and country. Although the risk for children of death is low, the risk of death remains. How many children is it acceptable to lose for this personal liberty? Further, children are at risk for debilitating symptoms of long covid, now well characterized. Sir, there are mountains and there are molehills. When choosing a hill to die on, best to make sure you’ve chosen a mountain and not a molehill. Wearing a mask is a molehill.
I understand that you are running for higher office and hoping to appeal to a base that rejects high quality scientific evidence, however, consider the consequences of your actions in the long term. How many people are you willing to sacrifice for the power that comes with higher office? It seems there are no bounds. I’ve seen this disease with my own eyes, during several turns of working on COVID wards. I am mentally and physically exhausted by the pandemic, as much as anyone is. But until you’ve looked into the eyes of someone who is needlessly suffering and struggling for air, then I’m not sure you have any right to tell others they’re allow to put people at risk.



Subject: Violation

I would like to report multiple violations:

Eric Schmitt is in violation of multiple mandates:
– the mandate to not lie to the public (Robinson vs. MO DHSS does not invalidate mask mandates in schools, only that DHSS cannot close close schools based on opinion of an unelected official)
– the mandate to not intimidate scchools into believing these falsities
– the mandate to not prioritize his political campaign over his actual job
– the mandate to protect our children, teachers, and others working in schools
– the mandate to be a decent human being

A Missouri Parent

Subject: Illegal Mask mandate enforcement

Please notify The Daniel Academy 301 W 106th Street KCMO 64114 that they’re mandate is illegal

Thank you. I volunteer there every week and am forced to wear a mask along with the students.

The horror! Do you think they’re aware of your concern?

It’s funny how the universe has a tendency to balance everything out.

Subject: Leave the mask mandate in place

I am in favor of the mask mandate in St. Louis Public Schools. Science and basic, common sense tells us that masks help to prevent the spead.

Stop bullying the school disticts and let them make decisions based on facts rather than your right wing conspiracy bullshit.

Thank you,

Subject: Snitch

As a teacher and a parent in St. Louis County I am refusing to be a pawn in your future political aspirations. Your posturing as the big man in charge does nothing to benefit our children, teachers or school administrators. During this unprecedented time your attempt at leadership is disgusting! Our children and school staff are doing their best to show up….show up! They are bravely powering through adversity to get an education. Shame on you for belittling those who are committed to providing this education and giving ALL children a chance to be in school. I want to know your plan for filling the vacancies of teachers, administrators, and school board volunteers when they get tired of this and leave the profession? Schools benefit from community from community support…. your efforts are breaking that down.
Shame. On. You.


“…I want to know your plan for filling the vacancies of teachers, administrators, and school board volunteers when they get tired of this and leave the profession?…” There is no plan. Eric Schmitt (r) considers this a feature, not a bug.

Subject: I feel my school is making me where a mask illegally

what can I do about ths issue?

For starters, pay more attention in school.

Subject: Masks

Just saw someone walking around with a white hood on at the A.G.’s office. He had an Eric name tag. Thought you should know.

The call is coming from inside the building.

Subject: Just stop

Another wasted effort to try and appease crazy parents. kiids re fine. My kids (4 and 2) have been wearing masks and have ZERO complaints. Most kids do not care about wearing masks. The PARENTS are the ones making this so difficult and making it an issue. Please stop wasting the states money! Focus on true needs of this state and leave the schools alone!

There are over 8000 pages. This disheartening display of arrogance, self righteousness, willful ignorance, stupidity, entitlement, narcissism, insanity, and sarcasm is breathtaking in its volume.

Private and parochial schools have not been spared from the wrath of the anti-mask, anti-science crowd.

The anti-science, anti-mask, anti-vaccine, anti-quarantine crowd is not so much defying public authority, though they do so with experts, school administrators, and elected school boards, but they are deferring to, writing polite supplications and inquiries to their perception of a centralized authority (albeit one who arguably oversteps that authority). Again, here lies danger.

Anyone who has attended a local elected school board meeting or an elected county health board during this pandemic when mitigation is a discussion item will note the jarring contrast. The local elected authorities are treated differently. There are numerous examples of this, far too many.

Yet here, and in two previous posts, we witness the anti-science, anti-mask, anti-vaccine, anti-quarantine crowd’s defference to some unnamed bureaucrat receiving their snitch emails via the portal established by Eric Schmitt (r). However, the range in the tone, from polite to scolding to contemptuous to defiant, in the emails from those opposed to the actions or Eric Schmitt (r) is a significant contrast.

In the defiant American tradition of monkeywrenching the pompous, there are a number of emails submitted to the Attorney General’s snitch site, not reproduced here, which can only be described as directed spam.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s (r) anti-mask public school complaint email address: illegalmandates@ago.mo.gov


A simple request (December 9, 2021)

We get a response (December 14, 2021)

We’re still waiting… (December 31, 2021)

There’s much more to follow (January 6, 2022)

illegalmandates@ago.mo.gov – RSMo § 610 – Missouri Sunshine Law – email submissions – part 1 (January 6, 2022)

illegalmandates@ago.mo.gov – RSMo § 610 – Missouri Sunshine Law – email submissions – part 2 (January 7, 2022)