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Pikuach Nefesh פיקוח נפש – “One of the most basic principles in Jewish law is that human life comes first. Almost any religious commandment can be broken in order to save the life of a human being…”

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

This morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
The Supreme Court is right.
It is unconstitutional to target houses of worship with nearly-unassailable regulations while secular companies/institutions are allowed to operate with basic COVID-19 guidelines.
They must ALL be allowed to open and operate.
11:29 AM · Nov 30, 2020

The Pope gets it.

Some of the responses:

But that’s not what happened. Churches had laxer regulations than businesses. They got preferential treatment, but they wanted to be able to endanger even more of their congregants.


Get back to me when someone you “love” gets sick in the name of going to church.

Well here’s the difference ,you see those that are considered by you as “secular companies/institutions” ,they all pay taxes and help the economy!They also provide jobs and a paycheck for people to buy food and things needed during a pandemic! Churches provide a collection plate!

Utter nonsense. The #Constitution is not a suicide pact.

Can you give a substantive reason why churches are not happy with live-streaming, zoom or video conferencing services? And when you inevitably say “communion” all I hear is “collection plate”.

Covid likes this tweet

Hmmm think I’ll side with the Pope on this one.

This is so stupid. How are you in Congress?

Bigotry masquerading as patriotism.

Your kind of thinking is why 3,956 Missouri citizens and at least 267,000 American citizens have died from Covid.

Spoiler Alert God gave us free will and will not protect you from your own stupidity.

BTW have YOU personally returned to in person services, Vicky

Please #slickvick attend your nearest super spreader event (church), maskless as usual.

And start taxing churches.

Why do you hate Christians and want them to die of Covid?

Also, Hasidim.

The @GOP is making it virtually impossible to pin down who the dumbest member of their party is.

If only republicans cared this much about American lives