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The irony of Goyim Jewsplaining Jews.

Last week, via Twitter:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
.@realDonaldTrump is doing the right thing here, taking bold action to confront the rising tide of anti-Semitism on campuses. Title VI absolutely should protect Jewish students, and now will
4:27 PM · Dec 11, 2019

Citing a Jared Kushner op-ed? Really? Kushner is an embarrassment in front of the world.

Some of the responses:

I live in Missouri (unlike you). Show me.

What about Muslim students?

Good question.

What a joke

This is a lie. Making Judaism a nationality has a genocidal history. Such moves by a fascist authoritarian like Trump are deeply menacing.
Yale philosophy/rhetoric professor Jason Stanley is a leading expert on fascist rhetoric. This is what he has to say.

Trump’s new executive order is the most explicit challenge to the First Amendment in my lifetime.

What’s next? The Republican Kristallnacht?

But trump seems to think Seoul can just be moved. Who can take him seriously?

Holy crap! *nudges WW2 history book at a clearly ignorant man*

The President indicated that this was written to limit free speech. How can a conservative see this as acceptable?

Calling “Jewish” a nationality is not protecting Jewish students. It’s a despicable act designed to separate Jewish citizens from other citizens. It’s as anti-Semitic as it come. Shame on you, Senator for condoning this despicable act.


This is shameful and you should be embarrassed to be a cheerleader for fascism.

How does that boot taste, you disgrace?

Sure, let’s declare that all American Jews are actually Israeli.

What could go wrong?

Are you ok with the President’s dehumanizing speech towards immigrants, Muslims, and calling FBI agents “scum”?

No a religion is not a nationality, kushner can claim this bullshit but it’s offensive and pandering and the Jewish Community rejects it

Right wing extremists are emboldened because of Trump. Let’s at least be honest about that.

Bullshit. This is not constitutional.

Fuck you…you don’t get to decide my nationality. They do that shit in Soviet Russia which is why I’m sure this treasonous snake likes that.

You are nuts and you have bad judgment. To consider Judaism as a nationality makes them the ‘other’. Are Republicans really so gullible you are still believing Trump’s cons? Jewish-Americans’ nationality is American, moron.

אַ שאַנדע פֿאַר די גוים

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].