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Ignoring the elephant in the room.

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

This morning, via Twitter, from Senator Roy Blunt (r):

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
The economy is strong
Americans are keeping more of their hard-earned paycheck
Unemployment is at an 18 year low
#Smallbiz confidence is at record high
10:58 AM – 18 Jul 2018

Oh, and we are a Russian client state.

Some of the responses to Roy Blunt (r):

Only one #Missouri senator holds a town hall, and it isn’t you.
Only one #MO Senator accepts $47,000.00 from the NRA, and it sure isn’t @clairecmc !
What did #Russia get for its money from you, @RoyBluntMO ? What will you do to protect this state’s free and fair #2018elections?

“Across the Heartland, #farmers, factory workers and business leaders are speaking out against the disastrous #TrumpTariffs that are costing American #jobs.”

Yet real wages are falling. Missourians are concerned about lgbt rights, separation of immigration families, the environment, climate change, govt corruption, pls hold a town hall your constituents would like to talk with you

Only @clairecmc does that. Roy is lucky to remember what state he (mis)represents.

i get an extra $6.20 a month. SO MUCH MONEY!!

Don’t waste it now, you know, on things like increased health care and food prices!!

Adjusted for inflation, wage growth is flat or falling. US debt setting records. Corps using tax cuts for stock buybacks. Opioid addiction in MO is high – and most now cannot afford health care. Hottest year on record. Gobal alliances are weakened.

Read the papers, Senator.

They’re a cult of complicit money whores, bought & paid for.

The few who aren’t have apparently bought stock in Kool Aid.

You are a United States Senator. One of my Senators. Stop using emojis. Running the government does not require elementary school graphics.

It was probably a staffer. That tells you a lot, too.

Hold the president accountable for his actions

and Republicans keep on committing treason

The treason is strong too.

Yeah that extra $1.50 is really helping my family. Plus it really helped my college educated friends with their minimum wage job!

So who cares if the president is in bed with Russia?

What we want to hear from you is that you stand for America and not Russia. That you are appalled at the Russian interference in our election and pledge to take EVERY possible action to stop it and prevent it. #TreasonSummit

Deficit at record high

All republicans consider that a feature, not a bug.

The forgotten people are still forgotten. Only the rich benefited from what you said.

Oh yeah, treason much?

You forgot to mention our reputation and influence is getting to an all time low around the world….

And ol’ Cash & Carry Blunt keeps collecting dollars from the NRA and other corporate sponsors. Makin’ out like a bandit, Roy.

And the president you blindly support is selling the US to Russia. Makes me wonder what Putin has on you, Roy…

Those paychecks are smaller and are not keeping pace with inflation. Meanwhile, the richest grow richer. #GOPTaxScam.

And our debt has increased a trillion dollars with this administration. Your failure to stand up to Trump is endangerong our country.

You need to rein In Trump

Yeah, average American is just seeing so much more. Whatever.

In what world is small business confidence high? And I’d gladly pay more taxes to have guaranteed healthcare and roads that don’t blow out tires and suspension. Those cost money too.

Emoji day is over, Roy. Americans’ wages are stagnant, despite massive corporate subsidies you gave away in January. Wealth & income inequality gaps have never been larger. Our President has proven over & over that he’s a puppet of an adverse foreign power. But you. Do. Nothing.

I still don’t want Vladimir Putin engineering and hijacking my vote and the election!

Meanwhile, my healthcare costs have gone up (& will skyrocket during next plan year with the destabilization of healthcare markets & drug costs) increased gas costs, higher interest rates, tariff wars. Any Tax savings are offset by a major rise in expenditures. Get back to work!

Gas is at an 8 year high, health insurance premiums have increased 40%, medication costs are up 20-100%, rural hospitals are closing, tariffs are costing farmers over 20% in losses and cutting Missouri companies to close. You cannot spin this. People KNOW they are worse off.

You know, Senator, administration figures show hourly pay stagnating or dropping slightly. I hope you and your donors aren’t suffering too much these days. The cost of living is going up. Will you all be OK?

Oh good grief. Surely you know that unemployment has been low for a long time and in fact should NOT go lower or else it will trigger inflation. UNDER employment is still rampant and not helped by the #GOP one whit.

Our “hard-earned” paychecks are smaller (real wages are down), insurance costs are rising due to your sabotage, and the deficit will hit $1 trillion.

If you try to distract from your complicity in treason, at least have the honesty not to cherry-pick your economic stats.

I’m not keeping more of my paycheck and my health insurance premium went up. Btw, why is Trump so chummy with Putin and when are the children of immigrants going to be reunited?

Wages are flat. Your tax policies don’t justify your support for a President that sided with Putin over America.

Some people are currently doing well, the voters you care about. Other Missourians are not faring so well under Trump. Also, OUR VERY DEMOCRACY IS IN DANGER because our president is beholden to Putin and nobody in your party sees fit to do anything.

Our president is committing treason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Where are wages? Have you checked the data? And when are you going to get rid of @realDonaldTrump that Liar-in-Chief?

Wages are down and president is a traitor – recession likely on the way – thanks gop!!!

Goods are costing more due to tariffs and the monies in our accounts are less because of #TrumpTariffs. This is not an overall advancement of the people of America.

If the economy is so strong why are wages stagnant?

Treasonous acts at an all time high

And if you support Trump, you’re no better than he is.

And our president puts Putin first and you blindly go along with it

I get an extra $250 per month! Of course, that’s because I now pay for all of my own medical bills out of pocket, so…. Yeah. That’s not better at all.

You’re delusional and laughably out of touch, Blunt. I can’t wait to vote against you!

We have a Russian stooge in the White House. Step up – #Historyhasalongmemory

What will your legacy be? Will the history books reflect that YOU stood & defended our country from this petulant president…, Or YOU defended & stood with him?

Any little bit middle class got being eaten up by higher gas prices and rising prices because of trump and GOP tariffs. Pharmacy industry and rich people like you got the biggest share. Quit saying you are for middle class Americans

You can say this bullshit every day, but most working people live with the reality and stress of the current labor market.

Besides you’re a senator not a freaking hype man. There is a #tradewar and #traitor that you should be dealing with.

Farmers are hurting.
The rich keep getting richer.
The poor keep getting poorer.
POTUS just brown nosed the heck out of PUTIN.
But you keep feeding us those emojis, Blunt.

Our president is a traitor! Do something!!!

45 just handed our democracy to Putin. You need to get on the #rightsideofhistory and IMPEACH. #Treasonsummit #TrumpPutinSummit #HelsinkiSummit2018

…and our @POTUS is a traitor.

Touting the economy right now is a distraction from your man Trump making traitorous remarks overseas. Better keep up Roy, everyone else is paying attention.

Trump is a traitor. When are you going to defend democracy! That’s what you swore to do. #GOPComplicit

None of that would change if we get rid of the elephant in the room.
Once the elephant is gone we can all be confident in the future.

Shame on you Senator. The Traitor just committed a public act of Treason against the American People and you are carrying on like business as usual. You have a duty: protect the Republic. End this Presidency now.

Do something

You lie for a traitor.

And you’re fucking silent as our President sells us out to Russia.

Meanwhile, our pussy-grabbing President colludes with a murderous dictator. Tweet about that.

The president is a traitor
Americans are tired of your complacency
You are a puppet to the rich

They seem to be a little upset.