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There’s plenty more where that came from.

Catherine Hanaway (r) [2014 file photo]

Catherine Hanaway (r) [2014 file photo]

Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission for Catherine Hanaway’s (r) 2016 gubernatorial campaign from two Rex Sinquefield funded PACs:

C141055 07/01/2016 HANAWAY FOR GOVERNOR, INC Great St Louis 308 E High St Suite 301 Jefferson City MO 65101 7/1/2016 $395,162.36

C141055 07/01/2016 HANAWAY FOR GOVERNOR, INC Missourians For Excellence In Government 6175 Westminster St Louis MO 63112 7/1/2016 $454,832.67

[emphasis added]

That’s a lot of money.

Well, somebody has to pay for all those campaign commercials. Too bad they didn’t sink some of that into production values or any relevant public policy content.

As if the former Speaker of the Missouri House is, somehow, a political outsider?


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