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Pants wetters or cynical bigots. Maybe both?

From Representative Mike Moon (r) via Facebook:


Mike Moon 22 hrs

This is the right policy! Until our government officials can ensure immigrants entering our country are peaceful and are willing to assimilate, they must be prohibited from touching U.S. soil.

Missouri must take measures to ensure the safety of our residents, too. This is no time to sit back and take chances….

So, Donld J. Trump (r) said “all Muslims”.

Some of the responses are illuminating:

[….] When a religion advocates murder as part of the free exercise thereof, it fails the constitutional test.

Wow, just wow.

[….] When its a threat to our National Security I have a right as do all Americans to defend ourselves. You are not thinking as protecting me or my family and friends [….]. You let more of these un vetted Muslims that believe in Shariah law over what you just quoted then it is you that is ignorant and unlearned! You should know better! Dont you think that there are places over there to help these people and send them instead of bringing them to the USA? There is a lot we can do. Why is this president so hell bent on defending Islam and Muslims ? Have you studied their religion? I have! They consider shariah law higher then what our government laws are. So they want to rape or behead infidels they can. They can do what they want. How are you going to defend that once we get 100’s of thousands of them here ? We are at war sir!

In response to someone who took issue with the bigotry:

[….] your wanting Americans to give up our Liberty and Freedoms for who? What about our freedoms? Do you hear yourself talk? They consider you an infidel. Why dont you give up your freedom and liberty and go live among them? You would be lucky to last a week. Stop asking Americans( actually your not asking your forcing them on us) to give up our freedom and liberty! And your asking us to pay for it to ! Stop the madness!

[….] Your an idiot! Christians are under attack. 14 Jews and Christians just lost their lives. What about the Christians and Jews that are losing their lives and are being targeted in Syria and Iraq and other places now? Know your history! Know whats going on in the world now! Learn to make sentences for yourself instead of pulling one or two lines from history. Interpret history as a whole. Guess you want to take my guns too?

You’re wondering what that’s all about? Your guess is as good as mine.

And this:

[….] I agree, Mike Moon!! By the way, Muslim isn’t a religion….

And Representative Moon (r) replied:

Mike Moon You are correct, [….]. Thanks for chiming in.

Back to business, responding to the individual who took issue with their bigotry:

[….] You can lol! All you want [….]. You go live with them and see how accommodating they are. You tell me after a year how that goes.

Uh, we live with “them” now.

[….] You are completely correct Mike. I get so tired of the left be so willing to give the full benefits of our free society to non citizens!

Really? You mean like in the Constitution? Did we just stumble on to the set of Starship Troopers? Just asking.

And then, this:

[….]I disagree with you [….]..muslim countries should be taking them…we certainly did not accept all germans during world war 1 or 2 And we did not open our doors to imigrants from italy or japan during he war How would this be different?.

To the world’s eternal shame many nations in the world, including the United States, denied sanctuary to persecuted minorities. As a result millions lost their lives. Uh, we actually interned American citizens of Japanese descent during World War II, to our shame. I’m beginning to wonder about that last part.

[….] I just wonder, during WW11, how many German people were allowed to immigrate to this country??just asking..

And how many died?

[….] I agree. I think we might need to go one more and close our boarders.

“Trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let, fifty cents.
No phone, no pool, no pets, I ain’t got no cigarettes
Ah, but, two hours of pushin’ broom
Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room….”

Oh, wait…

[….] Their ideology doesn’t fit here, in fact, many of their “religious” beliefs and acts are illegal in the United States. Ending the war in their country or even keeping them in a country that practices that ideology is the best bet. I would however consider allowing Christians to come here, those people need protection.



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