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Apparently, Eric Greitens (r) and John Brunner (r), two of the 2016 republican gubernatorial candidates, aren’t happy with each other:

‘Oh my God, you are such a weasel!’ and other things pols say to each other behind the scenes

….Both campaigns confirmed this week that the recording is genuine, and Brunner’s campaign confirmed it made the recording….

Chris Koster (D) has got to be the luckiest politician in the history of civilization.


From Eric Greitens’ (r) campaign site:

When Leaders Refuse To Take Responsibility

Leaders don’t record private conversations and leak them to the media, sleazy politicians do. I’ve been in a lot of fights – in the boxing ring, in Navy SEAL training and in war zones. I can take a hit — but at least own up to it. What’s disgusting about politics is all the so-called “leaders” who hide behind others and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. That’s called cowardice. I have repeatedly challenged John Brunner to accept responsibility for these recent attacks, but like a typical politician, he has ducked and dodged. We don’t need more of that in Jefferson City. And that’s exactly why I’m running — to call out and defeat those who would rather play politics than tackle problems. Join us in this important fight for Missouri’s future. I can assure you we will win.

Catherine Hanaway (r) is probably really going to enjoy her Thanksgiving holiday.

Update II:

From someone associated with John Brunner’s (r) campaign:


Michael Hafner
‏@MichaelFHafner 1st Phone Call: Candidate (trained Navy SEAL) threatens/wants to meet at boxing gym. 2nd Call: Of course I’m going to advise to record. 2:13 PM – 24 Nov 2015

Pass the popcorn.

Peter Kinder (r) and Chris Koster (D) are probably really going to enjoy Thanksgiving this year, too.


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