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Pictured: “Your 2012 Constitution Party team for Governor and Lt. Governor?”

The best parts of filing month, the first day and the last two days when the business really picks up. And the business was pretty brisk in Jeff City today, so here’s all the candidates who filed today

The Governor’s race didn’t see a new candidate, but a candidate switch parties. Leonard Steinman of Jeff City switched from losing to Jay Nixon in the Democratic Party to losing to Jay Nixon in the General Election by filing in the Constitution Party primary. Ellington resident Clay Thunderhawk filed to oppose Jay Nixon in the Democratic primary near the end of business on Tuesday. Filing for Governor extends to Friday.

Speaking of switches, Bill Haas switched to his third different race in this filing season. Haas started in the 2nd Congressional District, switched to the 5th State Senate District, and switched today to running for Lt. Governor. Haas was the 8th Democrat to file for the office. The 7th Democrat was former Kansas City State Rep Jackie Townes McGee (who now resides in Hayti, Missouri, where she was raised).

Justin Harter of Columbia filed with the Constitution Party for Secretary of State. Dave Browning filed with the Libertarian Party for Attorney General.

Democrat Glenn Koenen of Valley Park filed for Congress in the 2nd District. Koenen was an executive director at Circle of Concern Food Pantry for 15 years before stepping down earlier this month.

In the 4th district, Bernie Mowinski of Sunrise Beach filed to oppose Vicky Hartzler in the Republican Primary. Mowinski has run for the State House five times since 1998. Libertarian Thomas Holbrook filed to oppose Herschel Young in the Libertarian primary. Greg Cowan filed with the Constitution Party. Holbrook and Cowan ran for Congress in 2010, with Holbrook losing in a primary.

Warrensburg Libertarian Randy Langkraehr kept his streak of running for Congress in the 5th district alive. Despite any suspicions to the contrary, the 5th only goes to Marshall, not to Warrensburg. Democrats Ronald William Harris and W. A.”Bill” Hedge of St. Joseph filed in the 6th District. Republican Christopher Ryan of Liberty filed to oppose Sam Graves.

And to the state legislature!

State Rep. Scott Sifton withdrew from seeking re-election to run for the State Senate in the 1st District, in a field with Democrats Sue Schoemehl and Michael Vogt, and Republican incumbent Jim Lembke.

Republican Terry Varner of Farmington filed for the Senate in the 3rd district. He will oppose Gary Romine of Farmington. The winner of that primary will face State Rep. Joe Fallert of Ste. Genevieve.

Jackson County Legislator Crystal Williams filed to oppose State Rep. Jason Holsman in the 7th Senate district.

Libertarian Steven Hedrick filed in the 21st State Senate District. Meanwhile in the new 31st, Midway School Board member Charlie Burton of Drexel filed for the Democrats while Dave Morris of Peculiar filed for the Republicans.

Now to the State House

Former State Rep. Rebecca McClanahan filed in the 3rd District. She will have to make it past Kirksville Mayor Richard Detweiler for the opportunity to challenge Freshman State Rep Zack Wyatt.

Republican Josh Hurlbert of Smithville filed in the 12th House District. He will face Ken Wilson of Smithville in the Republican primary. No Democrat filed in this district. But Democrat Eric Pendell of Kansas City filed in the 14th House District to challenge Ron Schieber.

Democrat Henry Carner of Kansas City filed to challenge incumbent Brandon Ellington in the 22nd District Democratic Primary.

Joshua Judy and Sally Miller filed in the 25th District to see which one of them will face the winner of the Jeremy LaFaver/Chris Miller Democratic primary.

Democrat Dale Walkup of Blue Springs filed in the 31st district, joining Syed Asif of Lake Lotawana in the Democratic field. The Republican field is incumbent Sheila Solon and Chris Lievsay. Democrat Ron Harvey of Lees Summit filed in the new 33rd district to challenge Republican Donna Pfautsch in a new open seat.

Democrat Chris Moreno and Republican Nola Wood filed in the 37th district. Moreno, who ran v. Will Kraus in 2006, will face Joe Runions of Grandview and former State Rep. Mike Sager of Lees Summit.

Democrat Kevin Morgan of Excelsior Springs filed to challenge Freshman Republican T.J. Berry of Kearney in the 38th district.

Former State Senator (in Springfield) Dennis Smith filed in the 44th House district to face former Libertarian Chris Dwyer, former Democrat Mike Becker and former something Caleb Rowden. The winner of that primary faces former State Senator Ken Jacob. Also in Columbia, Republican Fred Berry filed to oppose Democratic Incumbent Stephen Webber.

Democrat Ron Monnig of Slater filed in the 48th district. He will face the winner of the Dave Muntzel/Stephanie Fuemmeler primary. Democrat Thomas Minihan of Jefferson City filed in the 60th district to challenge Freshman Republican Jay Barnes.

Republican Rick Stokes of Wentzville filed in the 64th district to challenge Robert Cornejo in the primary. The winner will face another new filer, former State Rep. Wayne Henke of Troy.

Democrat Tony Weaver of Florissant filed to face incumbent Steve Webb in the 67th District Primary. Republican Glen Lindemann of Florissant filed to oppose Margo McNeil in the 69th district. Republican Tyler Holyfield filed to oppose St. Charles Republican Party chairman Eugene Dokes in the 70th district. The winner faces Bill Otto of St. Charles.

Democrat Paul Berry of Maryland Heights and Republican Patrick Brennan of St. Louis filed in the 72nd district. Berry faces incumbents Eileen Grant McGeoghegan and Mary Nichols in the Democratic Primary.

Democrat Michael Butler filed in the 79th to face Martin Casas. Democrat Mike Owens filed in the 84th to create a four-way field with incumbent Karla May, former State Rep Hope Whitehead and Samir Mehta. Republican Linda Mello filed in the 89th district to challenge John Diehl.

Democrat Deb Lavender filed in the 90th district to face off with Kirkswood Republican Rick Stream.

Democrat Bill Pinkston of St. Louis County filed in the 99th District to likely face Andrew Koenig in November. Koenig still has a primary challenge to get past (vs Richard La Violette). Republican Ed Rowles of Chesterfield filed to face incumbent Don Gosen in the 101st district primary.

Democrat Terry Lesinski of St. Peters filed to face Republican incumbent Kathie Conway in the 104th. Democrat Debbie Bixler of St. Charles filed to probably face Republican incumbent Mark Parkinson in the 105th. Parkinson drew a primary from a less notable Jason Smith. Tom Fann of St. Peters filed to face Chrissy Sommer (Sommer is facing a primary as well) in the 106th district. Democrat Rod Hoffman of St. Peters filed to face the winner of a Ron Hicks/AC Dienoff primary (which is probably gonna be Hicks).

Republican Ian McFarland filed in the 111th to face a primary v. Derrick Good. The winner faces former State Rep Michael Frame. Daniel James of Imperial filed to face Dean Asbury in the 112th. The Republican nominee is still likely to be Paul Wieland. Apologies to Avery Fortenberry.

The Constitution Party got a confused candidate in Richard Hoxsey of Butler, who filed in the new 120th but may have intended to file in another district (the current 120th includes parts of Bates County).

Democrat Bart Ziegenhorn of Sikeston filed to force a primary v. retired High School Teacher Mike Marsh for the 148th district. The winner faces the winner of the Holly Rehder/Josh Bill primary.

2008 winner of America’s Got Talent Neal Boyd will be testing his political talent this summer as he filed as a Republican to face incumbent Democrat Steve Hodges in the Bootheel 149th district.

Democrat Ryan William Holder of Advance filed in the 151st district. Holder ran for the seat in 2004, losing in the Democratic Primary to Bryce Wooley.

The Constitution Party got a State House ca
ndidate who filed in the right district as Sue Beck of Shell Knob filed in the 158th district. She will face the winner of a Scott Fitzpatrick/Mike Bennett/Frank Washburn Republican primary.

So, the 2002/2010 official scores for the districts with filing activity

SD1: 55/45D

SD3: 56/44D

SD7: 71/29D

SD21: 55/45D

SD31: 54/46R

HD003: 60/40R

HD012: 56/44R (no Dems)

HD014: 51/49D

HD022: 92/8D (no Reps)

HD025: 72/28D

HD031: 58/42R

HD033: 56/44R

HD037: 64/36D

HD038: 55/45R

HD044: 53/47D

HD046: 56/44D

HD048: 50/50

HD060: 53.5/46.5R

HD064: 54/46R

HD067: 80.5/19.5D (no Reps)

HD069: 65/35D

HD070: 50/50

HD072: 66/34D

HD079: 90/10D (no Reps)

HD084: 89.5/10.5D (no Reps)

HD089: 65/35R (no Dems)

HD090: 52/48R

HD099: 57/43R

HD101: 74/26R

HD104: 55/45R

HD105: 57/43R

HD106: 52/48R

HD107: 55/45R

HD111: 57/43D

HD112: 56/44D

HD120: 59/41R

HD148: 62/38R

HD149: 50/50

HD151: 64/36R

HD158: 70/30R

So the Republicans have candidates in 134 districts. The Democrats have candidates in 110 districts. Only 81 districts have a Democrat v. Republican race, despite the whole redistricting year thing.

Filing is still open until Friday for Governor, the State Senate (Districts 5 and 7), and the State House (Districts 49, 93, and 112).

Here’s the top 25 House Races, districts with a Republican incumbent or a Dem v. Republican match up and a the official 2002/2010 rating of less than 10% in favor of either side. Districts ranked in no particular order

HD005: Lindell Shumake (R-inc) v. Tom Shively (D-inc)

HD014: Ron Schieber (R-inc) v. Eric Pendell (D)

HD015: Kevin Corlew (R) v. Jon Carpenter, Shon Adamson, or Carol Suter

HD020: Brent Lasater (R-inc) v. John Mayfield (D)

HD029: Noel Torpey (R-inc) v. John Sutton (D)

HD039: Joe Don McGaugh (R) v. Will Talbert (D)

HD040: Paul Quinn (D-inc) v. John Kallash or Jim Hansen

HD041: Ed Schieffer (D-inc) v. Beverly Steiniger (R)

HD043: Jay Hougton (R-inc) v. Ed Lockwood (D)

HD044: Ken Jacob (D) v. Caleb Rowden, Mike Becker, Chris Dwyer or Dennis Smith

HD047: Darrel Hansen (R) v. Nancy Copenhaver or John Wright

HD048: Ron Monnig (D) v. Dave Muntzel or Stephanie Fuemmeler

HD053: Glen Kolkmeyer (R) v. Holmes Osborne (D)

HD057: Wanda Brown (R-inc) v. Don Bullock (D)

HD070: Bill Otto (D) v. Eugene Dokes or Tyler Holyfield

HD090: Rick Stream (R-inc) v. Deb Lavender (D)

HD094: Cloria Brown (R-inc/probably) v. Vicki Englund (D)

HD095: Marsha Haefner (R-inc) v. Joe Zelle (D)

HD097: John McCaherty (R-inc) v. Martin Sam Komo (D)

HD108: Chrissy Sommer (R-inc) v. Tom Fann (D)

HD112: Paul Wieland (R-inc/probably) v. Dean Asbury (D) or Daniel James (D)

HD132: Melissa Leach (R-inc) v. Charlie Norr (D)

HD144: Paul Fitzwater (R-inc) v. Michael Jackson (D)

HD149: Steve Hodges (D-inc) v. Neal Boyd (R)

HD150: Kent Hampton (R-inc) v. Tom Todd (D)

Also receiving votes (the next 6 in both directions): Denny Hoskins (R-inc) v. Nancy Maxwell (D) (HD54), Lincoln Hough (R-inc) v. Casey Clark (D) (HD135), Jeanne Kirkton (D-inc) v. Elizabeth Deal (R) (HD91) and Genise Montecillo (D-inc) v. Al Faulitsch (R) (HD92). All apologies to Wayne Henke, Kevin Morgan, and Republicans running in 60% Democratic districts.

As for the State Senate, the top races are..

SD1: Lembke (R-inc) v. Dem (Sue Schoemehl, Michael Vogt or Scott Sifton)

SD3: Fallert (D) v. Rep (Gary Romine or Terry Varner)

SD19: Schaefer (R-inc) v. Mary Still (D)

SD25: Terry Swinger (D) v. Rep (Billy Pat Wright or Doug Libla)

and i’ll leave the 5th spot for the primaries due to a variety of uncontested races remaining for the Senate.

So, how does it look?