Your city or rural alderman/city council is responsible for more than putting stops signs at the corner of your street.  Your aldermen are responsible for creating jobs.  Some aldermen do as little as possible and you know who they are as you drive through neighborhoods and see abandoned dilapidated buildings.  Other aldermen, on the other hand, always manage to have some type of neighborhood improvement project underway.  Everyone deserves to live in a clean and safe neighborhood.  Not only should you have schools, but you should also have other services like libraries, stores, community centers, day care facilities, etc.  The people living in the community must make the aldermen more accountable.

You know your neighborhood better than anyone.  You know the location of every abandoned building and you know the quality of the services provided by the police and fire departments.  Citizens have to demand change.  The wheel that makes the most noise gets oiled.  You must show up at the city council meetings and present well thought out neighborhood improvement projects.  If you demand a new facility, you show how income received from the facility will offset the construction cost.  Abandoned houses can be rehabbed and rented.  Rental income can offset the cost of the rehab.  Community centers can charge fees to offset construction cost.

Demolition, rehab, and new construction will produce jobs in your community.  The management and supervision of the facilities will produce additional jobs in the community.  You will be lowering unemployment when you put people to work revitalizing your neighborhood.

President Obama has been looking for shovel ready projects.  He talks about building bridges but your neighborhood improvement project can be included if it’s putting people to work.  Your aldermen are responsible for developing these projects and making proposals that will create jobs and lower unemployment.