Via the KOMU Twitter:

Gov. Nixon has called a special session to pass Missouri Automotive Manufacturing Jobs Act. They’ll convene June 24 at noon.

I’m sure they’ll get right on it.

more detailed information:

Calling automobile manufacturing “vital” to Missouri’s economy, Gov. Jay Nixon on Friday called lawmakers back to the capital city on June 24 with the task of passing a bill that would offer about $150 million in incentives to Ford and its ancillary suppliers over the next 10 years.

The day after cutting $300 million from the state budget and laying off state employees, Nixon decided that state employees – future ones – were going to have to take in a little more bad news. The Ford bill will only happen if lawmakers also approves changes to the state pension system that will have future employees in effect financing the Ford incentives.

It’s a touchy combination of seemingly unrelated issues that has Nixon receiving the harshest criticism from members of his own party. Still, the governor said he believes that cutting pension costs and doing something to make sure Ford reinvests in its 3,500 employee Claycomo plant are both important enough to bring lawmakers back over the summer.

“Economic incentives should be used to put Missourians to work and strengthen communities,” Nixon said. “Investing in the future of Missouri’s automotive industry meets that important standard, and it would provide a solid return on investment for the taxpayers of this state.”