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If ever there was a job producing, load on the electrical grid reducing, home restoring green legislative opportunity, it’s now. PACE is before the General Assembly, and it has a Senate hearing today, Tuesday, at 2:00. Joan Bray, the sponsor of SB 1037, is on the committee, and Jolie Justus already supports it.

Nobody seems to oppose it. (How could they? It won’t cost the state a cent to help homeowners make their houses more energy efficient and produce a positive cash flow from the changes from day one–all while creating lots of green jobs.) The senators on the Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy, and the Environment Committee just need a nudge in the right direction. But they need it before 2:00 today:

Brad Lager (Chairman) – District 12 (R)

(573) 751-1415 – Brad.Lager@senate.mo.gov

Kurt Schaefer (Vice Chairman) – District 19 (R)

(573) 751-3931 – Kurt.Schaefer@senate.mo.gov

Matt Bartle – District 8 (R)

(573) 751-1464 – Matt.Bartle@senate.mo.gov

John Griesheimer – District 26 (R)

(573) 751-3678 – John.Griesheimer@senate.mo.gov

Luann Ridgeway – District 17 (R)

(573) 751-2547 – Luann.Ridgeway@senate.mo.gov

Timothy Green – District 13 (D)

(573) 751-2420 – Timothy.Green@senate.mo.gov

Tom Dempsey – District 23 (R)

(573) 751-1141 – Tom.Dempsey@senate.mo.gov

Jim Lembke – District 1 (R)

(573) 751-2315 – Jim.Lembke@senate.mo.gov

Joan Bray – District 24 (D).  PACE sponsor – already supportive

(573) 751-2514 – Joan.Bray@senate.mo.gov

Jolie Justus – District 10 (D). Already supportive

(573) 751-2788 – Jolie.Justus@senate.mo.gov

So far there’s no movement at all on this in the House, but if we can get this bill out of committee, it’ll be easier to get the House to perk up and take notice. Please call or e-mail senators on the committee this morning.