Get ready to see a lot of this video in the coming days. This should be the death knell for the anti-healthcare reform zealots. No one should want to be associated with this type of cruelty and just plain, old-fashioned meanness.

Yesterday there was a demonstration outside Ohio Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s district office in Columbus. What was scheduled as a honk-and-wave in support of reform got really ugly. I mean really ugly, before it was over, and it was caught on film by the Columbus Dispatch.

The video is sickening. It shows demonstrators agains healthcare reform mocking and taunting a man with Parkinson’s Disease who had sat down on the pavement.  One man bends over and gets in his face and yells that if he is looking for a handout, he is “in the wrong end of town,” and that you have to “work for everything you get.” Another man, who appears to be young and healthy mocks him and throws a dollar at him, telling him to “start a pot.” He starts to walk away, then turns back and says “I’ll decide when to give you money. Here’s another one, here you go.” Then he gets nasty and starts to berate the man sitting on the street: “No more hand-outs.”

My friend Steve Benen said he hopes that we have seen the last of the term “compassionate conservatism” for a while, and I couldn’t agree more.

There is one more thing this video should accomplish, as well. It ought to knock every single House Democrat into the “Yes” column – because a “no” vote is what these viscious fuckers want – and they are never going to vote for a Democrat anyway. Hell, a lot of them won’t even vote for a republican.

These are not the people you want to be associated with or to be intimidated by. They are hateful and they are meanspirited and they are not the majority. No way in hell I believe that a majority of the people I stepped up to serve and protect are like these hateful fuckers.

What a bunch of sociopaths. These are not people you court. They are people you run from. As fast as you can. In fact – whatever an asshole like this wants – you can’t possibly go wrong doing the exact opposite.