Teabaggers, of course, are playing it to the hilt that one of their own wound up in the hospital Thursday night. Their St. Louis honcho, Bill Hennessey revels in faux victimhood:

This attack followed hours of taunts and verbal assaults by SEIU and ACORN members upon citizens gathered to express their views under the First Amendment. We believe this brutal beating is part of an organized plan to suppress dissent to the Administration’s planned seizure of the medical industry in the United States.

As I pointed out yesterday, it’s a crying shame that some yahoo on our side attacked one of them. But as Archpundit says:

Hours of taunts and verbal assaults by SEIU and ACORN?  Not so much.  As you can somewhat see, most of the pro-reform folks outside were in a circle chanting and singing while being taunted, insulted, and challenged in their personal space for the entire evening.  Volunteers trying to reenter the building were grabbed and pushed.   A reporter had some crazy woman following her around trying to block the reporter from taking pictures because the woman was mad the reporter had been inside at one point.

And inside, the bit of video I provided tells the same story: abusive teabaggers booing and shouting interruptions constantly.

I sat near a contingent of SEIU people. They were doing what I was doing–behaving themselves.