As you might have guessed, I’m not exactly thrilled that after spending $100 per vote to snag the vote of 5 % of St. Louis’s population of 350,000, Francis Slay nevertheless won a landslide victory in the Democratic Primary.  

I’m also not happy that Antonio French, who was once one of Slay’s most vocal critics and a trusted independent news source, was willing to take Slay’s campaign money forgo his criticisms of Slay in order to win.  However, I do think French is someone who we can expect to use his power to challenge Slay on important issues, at least when it benefits him politically, and less likely than others to be bullied.

But the real silver lining is that St. Louis elected its first openly-gay Alderman, Shane Cohn.  Cohn is also a genuine activist; I’ve seen him at quite a few events around town (not just Democratic Party stuff, but actual issue-based events). This is indeed something to be happy about.  And props to the Young Dems for helping with his campaign.