The McCaskill solution of a $400K cap on CEO salaries/benefits seems to be getting a lot of press (or MSNBC is really bored today).

The McCaskill Cap seems a reasonable idea (but for all the talk of how the CEOs were idiots, what should we say for Senators who didn’t put in safeguards to block this from occurring?*).

As for this plan’s ability to do much now. Eh. Depends on if there are benefits that haven’t been paid out yet.

* – not to be too mean to Senator McCaskill, but there’s a difference between audacity and idiocy. What the CEOs did by soaking taxpayers was pretty much audacious.


Update: And a diary on this topic is currently the top recommended diary on DailyKos.

UpdateMichael Bersin – Claire McCaskill on the floor of the Senate: