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Our previous coverage in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Early rally attendees took up spots on the north side of 47th Street, facing a handful of pro Proposition 8 pickets across the street.

Pro civil rights pickets on the north side of 47th Street.

This was the second group opposing the civil rights rally. They showed up right before the scheduled start, they took up positions on the south side of 47th Street, and stayed through the end. The first group, from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, left before the rally started.

Missouri State Senator Jolie Justus (black scarf, center left) listening to an early speaker. She later addressed the crowd.

There was a substantial amount of supportive horn honking from passing traffic. The people on the picket line would cheer enthusiastically for each honk. This driver had been leaning on her horn in the traffic stopped for the signal. She turned to happily take a picture of the picket line.

Polyester. Sometimes the necessity of protest is the mother of sarcastic picket signs.