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What a bunch of losers. It’s symptomatic of the incompetence manifested by republican control over the last eight years. Their supportive vandals can’t even muster enough ability to properly and permanently bring down a  4 x 8 campaign sign. I almost feel sorry for them – to witness how far they’ve fallen.

A 4 x 8 along a well traveled road on a lot in an upper middle class neighborhood in the southeast part of Warrensburg. The sign faces south and greets a significant chunk of the “return from work” traffic in the evening.

In 2004 their sign vandals were properly old school. You knew that they had some self respect. They’d use black spray paint (“Communists!”) on a Kerry/Edwards 4 x 8. And when it got really close to the election they’d just cut the signs apart, leaving only thin strips of sign strapped to the steel posts. It was a different world in the old days. We could count on vandals with a modicum of skill, and even with a sense of panache. No more.

Now all we have to look forward to is this. You can hardly see anything from the road.

I don’t even want to know…

Then again, all that time spent vandalizing signs late at night and sleeping in late means they aren’t working the phone banks or out canvassing for their candidates.

I sent out our first canvassing team an hour and a half ago.