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When I read about Sam Graves’ latest obsessive rant, I thought about a conversation between author David Rakoff and the Family Research Council’s Robert Knight, published in Rakoff’s Fraud. Rakoff had called up Knight to see if there was any common ground that he could find between the gay and lesbian community and cultural conservatives. Knight spent most of the hour talking about anal sex, to which Rakoff wryly noted that he, as a gay man, had never spent so much time in his life discussing anal sex in such exhaustive detail.

Which brings me back to Sam Graves. With all of the problems in our nation, while Main Street and Wall Street tank, health care costs precipitously rise, real wages sink, and we face an energy crisis worse than anything since the 1970s, the only thing Graves can talk about is the “homosexual agenda”.  I find Graves’ obsession a little suspicious.

Kay Barnes is a successful businesswoman and has actually managed and worked to revitalize a major US city. Sam Graves has little to show for his time in Congress. It’s no wonder that all Graves can do is grumble out the side of his mouth like a crazy uncle.