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Gird your mathematical loins and see if you can follow what Chris Koster has been doing with his campaign funds. No, this is not about the Economic Growth Council; this is about … secretly … lending his campaign money, from his own campaign chest.

The story, unraveled in all its Byzantine glory by Missouri Political News Blog, basically is that last January Koster lent money to three different political committees ($10,000 each) so that they could send it back to him.

Say what? Word. His campaign lent his campaign money.

And furthermore, says MPN:

Two of these three committees are directly tied to Rodney Hubbard through a shared address (1401 Comet) and a shared campaign treasurer (Joy Camp). Hubbard is not only a Koster supporter but also a fellow recipient of funds from Republican millionaire political activist Rex Sinquefield.

The funneling of contributions through these committees, along with an earlier report from MPN, beget this question: is Koster directing the flow of campaign contributions back to his committee to inflate fundraising totals?

I assume the right hand knows what the left is doing, so what other reason could there be?