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We tried, but they didn’t want us.

I hate blogging meta.

When we started this clean, well lit place previous experience showed us all how to deal with it (you know, meta).

But, just so you (our dear readers) know that we all aren’t a bunch of slackers you should be aware that we did apply in January for blogger credentials to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. We filed all the required and requested paperwork in a timely manner. In case you haven’t noticed we have yet to post a triumphant diary with a headline screaming “We’re going to Denver, nyah, nyah, nyah!” That’s because we didn’t get any credentials. Twice.

And here’s what they told us on On May 29th (the second time):

Hi there.  I’m writing regarding your application to the 2008 Democratic National Convention’s General Blogger Pool.

As you may know, we’ve had overwhelming interest in the credentialed blogger program this year. Several hundred great blogs submitted applications. But we have very limited space. Unfortunately, your blog will not be credentialed at 2008 Democratic National Convention…

Rough translation: “Losers!” And what’s with “Hi there?” I’d much prefer “Dear loser ‘D’ lister”.

I think it’s probably because our coverage of the Missouri State Democratic Convention wasn’t up to the scope or standards of the other bloggers who covered it…oh wait…

Democrats, Unite!


Rumor has it that a dead trees media political reporter was asked why they didn’t bother to attend and cover the Missouri Democratic Convention. The alleged answer?: “There was no news to cover.”

Oh yeah?

Ike Skelton at the Missouri State Democratic Convention

Claire McCaskill at the Missouri State Democratic Convention

Wanted: More Trippes

We’re all having a lot of fun and doing something we all believe in. There’s far too much political news for us to cover in Missouri and the Show Me Progress corporate headquarters cloning project can’t keep up with the demand.


Don’t count us out for anything. Collectively and individually, we’re devious.

Did I mention that I hate blogging meta?