The KC Star’s endorsements were published today.

They put them both together with the following:

. . . to successfully meet the challenges ahead, the nation will need someone with strength, energy, intelligence and determination in the White House.

Republican John McCain and Democrat Hillary Clinton each offer those essential qualities as well as extensive experience and proven responsibility in government. We recommend them to Missourians and Kansans who next month will help choose the party nominees.

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I really like the following for McCain.

No one in the still-crowded Republican field has a better claim to the battle cry of “change” than Sen. McCain of Arizona.

. . .

Unlike most of his opponents in this year’s GOP race, McCain has extensive foreign policy experience – a critical difference.

Yeap.  A cheerleader for the war in Iraq and someone who embraces the surge.  What happens when Iraq heats up again?

And, of course, experience is the reason for the Clinton endorsement.

[Obama’s] optimism and appeals for greater national unity have struck a cord with many. Still in his first Senate term, however, he lacks Clinton’s experience, military expertise and knowledge of the world.

Yeap.  And, that “experience, expertise, and knowledge” lead Clinton to vote to authorize our excellent adventure in Iraq!

Of course, I will vote for whoever the Democrats nominate, but as we have learned over the last seven years “experience, expertise, and knowledge” is not sufficient.  We need people with good judgement and Clinton is not my first choice in that area.