No surprises here – Claire made the perfunctory support for a timeline for withdrawal of forces as a condition of continued funding of George Bush’s Iraq  debacle.  Unfortunately she lacks the wherewithal to stand tough (as we saw in August when her vacation took precedence over the Fourth Amendment). When timelines failed, she folded like a cheap suit and voted for the funding anyway. Apparently she checked her WWKBD (What Would Kit Bond Do?)bracelet before casting her vote.

This unholy clusterf**k of a war in Iraq is the most pressing issue facing our nation today.  It is the issue that put Democrats in the majority in both houses.  What do these freshmen Democrats not understand about this?  Why are so many of them  acting like Republicans?  

2012 is coming.  Who is going to be the REAL DEMOCRAT, who knows what the hell real principles are and will vote accordingly,  who will challenge her in the primary?  I have had more than enough of the cowardice and fecklessness that this thin majority represents in spades.

We don’t just need more Democrats.  We need better Democrats.